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    ral lo not cauterize thoroughly with nitrate of silver or ared hot.oa.

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    when acted upon by inflammation gives us perimetritis metritis

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    the hoof iniront breaks the pyramidal j rocess the point risin from

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    Th tamiamarginataU got from sheep and pigs and resembles ho

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    follows closely upon that of the cerebrum the post mortem ap

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    whereas for the half year from June to November they were

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    and without any pain. Owing to the sparseness of the

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    affects the joints more or less and causes great lameness which is usujllv

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    classes who resort to that hospital. Of its frequency in European

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    ern university system. Salemura yet deserves in a measure

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    of this general character and although tliey called forth

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    I have traced the course of acute dysentery in its more formida

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    as a general surgeon beranse of his m lt ignnm U his

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    in rooms artificially heated they get a new lease of life from

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    our apprehension in respect to the condition of the liver.

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    wool is diVuled. or when the nheep arc Hhcvrn tinu tl.

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    into secondary elements. He explained putrid fevers as

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    as a dentist and oculist and discussed the whole range of

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    raised the constitution of these men that it was at the commence

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    is serious. The gravest cases are those which occur in drunk

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    At the inferior border and on either side was a depression of

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    dilatation of the ventricals without any discoverable cause

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    All general practitioners are particularly interested in dis

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    Age of Transition concluded. Jlie School of Monipellier Raimond Lnlli

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    disease and of rheumatic affections will after a time become so

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    expansion was an element in seven cases of rejection.

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    and extensive loss of animal heat. That heat has to be replaced

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    opposed. This result makes it evident that the data have been too

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    the University of Southern California. Doctor Davis formerly

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