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him at the same time reasoning faculties by the proper use of

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Importations of Short ilorns from Great Britain were madi to the

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fmncs he even offered to the exiled Charles of England

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and of being very cautious in the use of purgatives antimonials or

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genemlly were corrected. It was proven that there was

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edge of the ax touched the skin till it passed through the neck

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Texas will at an early date see that this man shall no longer

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ports a case in which a knife was run into the neck cutting

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the latter on the Practice of Medicine both works being

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drops with all large doses of quinine and thus avoids annoy

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deteriorated blood in malarious fever congestion of the portal

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attacks of scurvy it may readily be understood that the opposite

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We believe the Southern California Practitioner has

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sessed by any of his contemporaries. He practiced in

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fore the utility of emetics in the treatment of delirium tremens

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combination with quinine on a principle to be subsequently

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will be raised considerably. Upon application of the ear to his side over

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means of decided utility so far as the possible arrest of the

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to join her husband who was on duty there. Her general health

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On and after April we will have no Advertising Agents.

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of the gentlemen of the law in public affairs. They simply

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Great care must be taken in order to avoid wounding the

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clinical standpoint the factors which contribute to the first

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If from last named causes still more is it absolutely criminal

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may express itself in tlie form of consumption delirium

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may readily recognise the peculiar delirium and the tremors of

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very great. These changes render it absolutely necessary for

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verified by post mortem examination but in two not examined

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smooth set low and hanging close tl.ey are very seldom set up even

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