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city water works should adopt measures to allow the water to

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of the disease with the exception that the pupils were much dilated

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caffeine promote artificial as well as natural digestion. Extract

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both small and large were contracted. The liver was somewhat enlarged yellowish in

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would be available for the rains whether passed at Sattara or at

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Because of the number and size of the nerves and vessels of

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They have been known in the United States since are hardy and

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the frequent alvine discharges characteristic of the disease.

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stages of tuberculosis. The meat was dressed and prepared as

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in Medicine and Science. Introduction of the Cell doctrine. Discovery

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is entirely due the credit of establishing its remarkable

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acid this deposit however was sometimes absent. He continued in hospital till the

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lack blankets when necessary. They have no bony shoulders to be gallerl

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who probably did more work in the surgery of the vascular

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ered an address before the Hahnemann Society of the Boston

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arrange and finally to multiply by the aid of tlie printing

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tender the pupils slightly dilated and some confusion of thought and slight tremors

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does not permit me to give you reports of cases. It would

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NevTrth i usefulness of the an.Ll is to beconTdefe

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Drainage tubes should reach well down to the bottom of the

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fame by his observations on chronic angina neuralgia and

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tion given in his honor at their residence Clinton street.

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much to the farmer as another that might be bought f.n. I respect

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with avidity such articles as slate pencils chalk etc. In this

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similar symptoms may also occur in all states of the constitu

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But to resume the original topic menstrual derangements

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In the contest lay principally between Flora Temple and Lancet.

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Society. The Association held its session for in Minne

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Enlargement is however not so common a sign of the early stage

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examjile in what we are accustomed to day to speak of as

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in India or in the change to colder latitudes at unseasonable periods

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their therapeutic value. Applications which vesicate or cause

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effects which these climaUc peculiarities may have upon race types race develop

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In the statistical report of the health of the royal navy for the

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Inflammatory Remittent Fever. It was stated in reference to

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cate of catheterization of the larynx for stenosis especially

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When we class the two forms together we find that sixty two

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Allawoodeen a Mussulman weaver thirty seven years of age was admitted into the

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several times. A small tumor which protrudes but slightly is

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occurrence being rather those cloudy days accompanied with a

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