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The election of five Censors was deferred until the next reg

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much good can be accomplished that it is as much one of the

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It will save unnecessary repetition and the risk of misapprehension

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a finer study of fundamental principles upon which the

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V. Complication of Ulceration of the Mucous Lining of tee

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able. It is therefore important to inquire whether in such cases

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leathery substance that will not growtogether und fornx hoof but remains

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which so generally attends splenic cachexia. But it is of import

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They are most common in those parts of India which do not

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infirmity. The only test is trial over rough ground. Seine horses

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in the stomach and bowels and the T sufficient moisture

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the human family for the reason that horses are often put to terrible

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seat what suspicion of organic lesions constitute it whence

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who were common prey for both the other classes and who

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at Paris relating to the rank of physicians and surgeons

hair loss green tea

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Sutures are used in sewing wounds wlienever they are longer than half

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pelled to take it produced about the same contortions as though

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be spare and the strength be chiefly sustained by moderation in

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Delirium however may commence at a more advanced stage

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disturbance some displacement of the uterus an eroded cervix

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striking right knee upon the chair as she fell. Pound her ly

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with febrile symptoms attended with cough pain of chest and frothy expectoration.

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former with the state of tension and distention not unfrequent

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advantages of quinine in malarious fevers. No one whether in medical practice or

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others diarrhcea sometimes dysenteric in character. There were also periostitis of

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of natural texture with the follicles not distinguishable. The spleen was considerably

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Philadelphia. He was a man of great industry and ver

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Causes. Excessive and long continued use of diuretics in acute dis

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The winds are mostly from the west along the whole coast of

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shall state the source from which the individual has derived

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sh ped. The chest seems narrow rather than broad but this is because

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can have home comforts and breathe something more whole

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which the ureters open into the rectum the urine is solid.

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and Constantinople and cuts the Pacific coast at Hakodadi

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progress and treatment is at once inaugurated. Applications

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longer. When only one leg is affected it is usually drawn upwards and

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oophorectomy remove both ovaries and the fallopian tubes.

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The principal season of malarious fever excited by the direct

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biued or if we have the vessels tolerably full of blood with excess

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