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towns but instead of listening to the professors Paracelsus

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opportunities of observing the great frequency of acute articular rheumatism in hospi

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the greatest practical benefit to the young practitioner. In

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suggested the doctor. Yes replied the mother with lowered

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studying leprosy in India. They commenced the study and

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position and others pursuing feminine vocations such as

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Thirty three of the recoveries were admitted under ten days

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roads are different. In this spirit we send greetings to our

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a day and scarcely an hour passes but that some one is sent

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special branches. The most important feature was the i

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Rectal Speculums Eye and Ear Speculums Ophthalmoscopes

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sliorter duration that the characteristic symptoms are the rice

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doctrine that the special stimulants of secreting organs are contra

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Singhur amp c. The Hill Fort of Singh ur distant fourteen miles

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in France by Guerin. Ojrerations on nerves were studied

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In behalf of the good name of our fair city in behalf of

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pagan world that could only be impressed by an exhibition of

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