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remembering that our papers are only written expressions of

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and with full summer and winter feeding are regarded by many dair

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took the opportunity of stating my conviction that whatever the

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Of various gifts and various degrees of talent they were all of

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I have seen two cases of recovery by discharge of the contents of

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several accounts of which the principal seems to be that the congestion

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A second evil is one for which the physicians are themselves

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second stage of the disease. In the fourteen recovered cases

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although it has been widely discredited and Humboldt J

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experience the benefit of change from the locality in which the

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most evident when the veins appear in the form of a plexus.

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from small pox in the island of Bombay is very nearly in.

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Curare in Traumatic Tetanus Dr. Berkhahn. The patient

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Founded during the dark period of tlie Middle Ages at

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try as a substitute for gas bnt Wells finding it more

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and not passed with more than usual frequency a sense of languor

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has been acute pericarditis with friction murmur followed by disappearance of the

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mature rapidly breed young and produce many at a birth.

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in many cases was surprised at the rapidity with which wounds

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amination and in no case is the operation properly completed

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