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persons sixteen followed occupations which more or less lead to

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as Gtuen says he was the philosopher of patents and

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protracted for four days evidently in consequence of the drop

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pale young soldiers is surely not unusual in hospitals in India

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of these attacks were chiefly seamen or others who had been

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are often given with great advantage and as a rule of practice in

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Professor to class in surgery The right leg of this

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Causes. The cause of intussusception is purely accidental.

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painful should be removed without delay as it may induce

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attributed by me to enlarged follicles but he uses the term vesicles

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of life and all the plienomena of nature proceed from

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will be stretched out and drooping sometimes running at the nose

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site. The test tube demonstrates the presence of albumen

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nation made in one three hours after death in another twelve

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treated by him ran about the same course. Case Miss K.

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but this form of disease even if correctly designated bilious cho

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of Paris and Bombay. In both we find the disease more common

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at the present time in India and have been so during the whole

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Laennec. There was also Bayle wlio was first to apply

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becomes somewhat collapsed but the tempe rature of the skin

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This will depend upon Iherange and the number of nut producing trees.

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herenttothem andthe whole swells together becoming au indunt

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with fine solid healthy granulations then apply lotion No. tinv

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science but this must not deter the honest Practitioner from

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ng of fodder for use during storms it woL k theprovid

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The term pustular appearance has been used by Mr. Twining in

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well described by Prof. Liebig and adopted by chemists and

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experience and from the writings of the best authorities. The following

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healed nearly to the surface except at the orifice main

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such beautiful dissection as had been made by my aspirator

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turns to his surgery and reads up on tracheotomy and galvano

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not madam. B. widow I see you have charged for fifteen

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mittent fever the pulse is towards feeble and compressible

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It is the opinion of most physicians that the subject Phthi

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Causes stated. The Complication of Hepatic Abscess and Dysentery consi

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tail. In the first place it has been proven that certain persons

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Seriously speaking however upon no point probably is there

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the adult. It can only be requisite in sthenic children and then

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unexcept onable in her udder and escutcheon. Her qualities inhertd by

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phthisis good will probably result negatively in March April and May

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of the Commissioner of Patents publislied a little later the j

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such cases the climate is generally positively injurious. It is from

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is here represented in excess still from hospital experience and

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way in which creasote is most useful is perhaps difficult to

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resources of practical medicine in India has been realised at the

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only certain and generally appropriate medicine of this class.

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Many articles of clothing and bedding however may best

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able of reproducing itself i erfectly unchanged and without deterioration

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in the morning when he dropped into a deep sleep which

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