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    on structure and temperament which are more or less hereditary de

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    Proportional Admissions from Hepatitis in different Seasons.

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    his chief discoveries were in the domain of comparative

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    For the benefit of young farmers and others of limited experience we

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    generally accorded to the statement of the patient. At all

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    carbonate of soda in water separately and mixing the two solutions

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    in from five to eight grain doses should be given every second

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    sure of the enlarged organ either upon the stomach or some of

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    most common in unseasoned Europeans may occur in Natives as

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    department of anatomy especially of the bmin nervous

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    absorption. For such may endure for months it may be years and

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    able love for art and science he was certainly one of the j

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    Did he do itt No Whyt For the same reason. Because

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    the dyspnoea increased and she died on the th December.

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    the microscopic character of the urine but in the later ones the

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    every third or fourth hour till the febrile phenomena have disap

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    ulcers or those of visible mucous membranes local applications are

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    four weeks. Give gentle exercise and feed some oil cake meal evorv

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    practiced medicine in that city they especially devoted them

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    occur though the pain is more likely to be constant breathing becomes

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    Dear Sirs In the July number of your journal I notice

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    twenty four hours and latterly often below twenty the specific gravity ranging from

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    the tympanum and the eustachian tube without which it is

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    to a degree which would be unsafe in similar states of constitution

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    life. As a rule heat stimulates vital activity and lower tem

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    with full opiates frequently repeated I have several times remarked

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    V. In simple obstruction of the pancreatic duct the pancre

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    tions and to all other operations in which the Surgeon uses

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    the other. It may also occur but much more rarely in the

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    in the large intestine that portion of the contents which is absorb

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    sight normal pupils very contracted. Baerwinkle noticed

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    A lady applied to Dr. McKenzie for relief from hay fever

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    we should be very watchful that the finger should be on the pulse

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    quent scanty stools. Treated by moderate leeching blister ipecacuanha blue pill and

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    bright appearance like blue glass and instead of contracting and expand

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    if a metallic acupressure needle or a metallic suture tlircad

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    inevitably from surfeit shown by plethora pimples on the skui Cc.

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    of the residents in warm climates compared with the sthenic

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    velopment of the distressing symptoms and which dated the com

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    more generally characterised by impaired irritability of muscular

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    to March those into the Hospital of the Byculla schools

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    us in our reasoning bear in mind the fallacies of the law of

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    with acrid bile bilious diarrhoea occasionally occur but this

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    side the existence of serious cerebral disease becomes almost cer

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    sputum of oedema is a bloody serum. When oedema occurs

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    nitrate helinin bromine chlorate of potash iodoform sulphur

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    changes whose cardiac rhythm is greatly disturbed by nervous

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    on these signs. On this point I would merely observe that ab

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