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ous pride, granted by way of mollifying grace, per-

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that two poisons, both of them deadly of themselves

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"pain killers" and analgesics with which the present

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substances, but if the assimilation is poor and nu-

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upward toward the soft palate, the left index finger

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president. Dr. Daniel N. Eisendrath, of Chicago; third

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by the film described in my former paper {Nezc York

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save the patient's Hfe. To-day the treatment of can-

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is best done by incising the tissue of the gland, as

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cises were held on Monday evening, September 26th, at

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14. Bleuler coined this word to express the combina-

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ognition of which paves the way for early diagnosis,

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The patient rallied well and was given continuous en-

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five cases previously reported by Dr. Morse. Of his

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be felt. It was pulled up, Caesarean section was re-

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,1. The Artificial Lowering of Air Pressure over the

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(11) is inclined to place these general trophic dis-

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class fees at the Scottish universities. The matter

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of the cells as seen in pernicious anaemia, although

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slight granular ependymitis of the fourth ventricle ; some

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papers : The Organic Basis of Neurasthenia, by Dr. John

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like care and individual treatment. No ward service.

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records of three rather unusual , cases ; each one re-

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being a physician and fully appreciating their value, readily

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subjective insufficiency, phobias, obsessions, rhachi-

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It was voted to appoint a Committee for the collection of veri-

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pose to appendicitis. Other infectious or contagious

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parts, influence the production locally of antibodies.

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Aralda, tutte piaglie salda : Aralda salveth all sores :

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prairie, in the military ambulance. He was chloroformed

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