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    must frankly avow that I do not anticipate much increase to our

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    respiration and pulse are not rapid indeed the former is some

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    a large and elaboi ate treatise on surgery in three thick

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    duce abnormal sound in pericardial effusion. For these reasons I

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    she began to improve and in the cour.sc of a fortnight she

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    in the hospital at Pittsburg. Dr. Utley graduated at Bellevue

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    clinical lectures on female diseases. Some of this class of

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    March April and May will after convalescence has fairly commenced be

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    The seventeenth century in contrast to the idealistic

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    extend down sometimes from a half to three quarters of an inch

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    tion in hospital the external phenomena of scurvy were not

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    I shall designate the first variety that in which there is death or

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    treatment is necessarily the best. This conclusion is neither logical nor consonant to

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    abraded portions of persons bodies coming in contact. Dr.

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    Inspection ten hours after death. All the structures were tinged yellow.

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    tained on the one hand against the faculty of medicine

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    lege Hospital. After serving his time in these positions he


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    of inflammatory action and our pathological research has shown

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    Therefore wo would urge as a matter of very great importance that the

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    but later the other sciences were cultivated. The Emperor

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    such a position in the treatment of syphihs. Such drugs

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    reasons that more caution and discrimination are required in

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    other part of the world. Even Martin Luther seemed to

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    inhale it for a few minutes as often as convenient it will not

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    Table XXI. Admissions and Deaths with Per centage from Epidemic

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    knew nothing of horsemen and trumpets in war while Virgil was fatnil

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    more or less freely during the first stage and had plainly masked

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