Leponex 25

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Agricultural Society gives the following testimony

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muscular tension which leads to that permanent rigidity which

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In the course of three epidemics of cholera in Bombay from

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cases of intermittent fever treated during the period of my service

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The symptoms are white coloured alvine discharges often formed

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duces an effect which is as immediate and almost as thorough

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While the philanthropic educated physician might see fit to

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he thus set himself he certainly for his own part considered

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no reason to change. There are many other species of clovers some of

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that no man can afford for his own sake to have published

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This patient came here in having been examined by an

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stitutional irritation his studies on this subject are often

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in fatty degeneration of the heart with the most serious

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existence of hepatitis. If the following case had occurred in a

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etoltrip. uf course ncl Incukihit myotlHtm and oi culIlRm In cverythlug but

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to be rubbed over with strong tartar emetic ointment.

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With the view of rendering my own remarks more easily under

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The lungs are made up of an innumerable quantity of small air cells

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constitutions has been a rare event in my experience. From the

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places its members upon record in this terse manner The

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necting the crematory retort with the chimney and retain

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obtahied a direct response was Riolan wlio possessed im

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was simply a pi etended reformer who coinited as nothing

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first that it is a powerful remedy the physiological effect of

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or more until revamped by the Dutch anatomist Goerter

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on the subject and that is that the disease is both contagious

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weighed by its relaxing effect upon the nervous muscular and

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comes flush lieets should n fed until after Janaarj oTiacwuntof

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Of the diseases which might be permanently or temporarily

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of the surrounding mountains and valleys. The building is

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advised to decline gt atients suffering from wounds of tlie

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Malcolmson attributed the gangrene to the lowered vitality

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