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instrument of which I speak is the laryngoscope as now used.

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gave instruction in philosophy theology and later in medi

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to give him a tablespoonful of brandy with one of water

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entertain the apprehension that unless the states of the disease for

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those of them which had not yet been so designated. He

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tenacious of life. Boiling water destroys all micro organisms

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usually associated with them. Milk as was first observed by Prout

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This disease must not be mistaken for parturient apoplexy or periton

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ruddy and rugged and strong while the child of the wealthy

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palliative and should be as little debilitating as possible but

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of much importance since a place where the thermometer has

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to shrink and indeed I have had evidence of this in the great

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The cartilages are so articulated as to allow quite free move

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analysis is a useful practice. By numbers only can be ol

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