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extremely volatile corresponding largely to the pneuma

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Firing iron. For making the actual cautery burning with red hot

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of dysentery the abdomen should be carefully examined with the

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somewhat resistant. On the riglit side dulness on percussion reached from the sixth

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cine matter is obtained used to prevent contagion from small pox or

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to impair his natural usefulness. That horse is unsound that lahors

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ance and hi disinfecting the premises or that is difficult in removing

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one particularly a lady had a crisis at this time she was

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the faecal discharge. His nervous system was highly excited.

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to me conclusive as to the etiology and pathology of this disease

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forty two ounces in the twenty four hours and the specific gravity

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parents. Beyond any question of doubt this is the most horri

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before we interfere If it is right to interfere then it is right

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tions and during expiration partly collapsed by relaxation

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As the most common termination of all inflammatory diseases of the

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and labors there is much to justify the inscription upon

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coated tongue constipated bowels and high coloured urine. The illness was of twenty

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advocating on unsound reasoning an injurious system of practice. JMr. Hare thus

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this impression is correct as the name was then new to me and

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which shall fortify the human organism against the inroads

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discharges persist unchecked the discontinuance of these remedies

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In color the Fox hound should for choice bo black white and tan.

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