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derangement in the system that interferes with the general health and

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in hospital in September with hepatitis. Discharged on the th re admitted on

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to the everlasting credit of the American profession thfit

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be described. But before doing so I am desirous of also following

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We shall now consider necrosis a disease of bone in con

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paroxysm of ordinary intermittents and in estimating the value

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as implying the presence of local inflammation it is used merely

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chiefly that covering the liver. The liver extended across the abdomen from the

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less conspicuous now than formerly. Recent philosophers

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head the obstinacy of the hog prompting him to pull steadily hack

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The Southern California Practitioner Its Special Work.

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A hepatic compression rhonchus has been described by Dr.

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brief and hasty for the importance of the subject may yet

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attends to the teeth has to do so much work of a character

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there was the opportunity of examining the body after death. In

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these cases still there were facts which showed that the diathesis

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perature is unsurpassed for its winters are warm and its sum

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and the joyousness of the June days of life and the busy tide

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and is not sharply definable till some distance further towards

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vidual could be read. They thus founded the pseudo

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ment of the hot season and in what has taken place between the

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inches dcoi and located under the tail was seen by the author lately.

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cumstances fail to bring about a miscan iage. If not delayed

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eight of the clinical cases of natives have been given four were

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bichloride of mercury with lanolin rubbed upon the skin can

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beneath him. The hind legs of the theoretically unconscious


cated Englishman whose estimate of an animal was always made from

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nature s work. Ultimately the cases and bodies alike must

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But in ordinary remittent fever derangement of functions

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not necessary to attempt the anatomy on such a corpse

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the section of women dying of other causes near the time of

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cold or gastro intestiual irritation is the determining factor.

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Stimulants temporarily excite the nervous or circulatory system.

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