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College. Birmingham ; G. A. W. Spear St Bartholomew's Hospital ;

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M'CoU W. M'l^ormiek, D. MacDonald, J. M'Laws, M. N. MacLay,

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tered from the dii^ease last week. Some half-dozen cases occurred at

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scopically, reports that the disease was simple ulceration.

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Pietersen.— On April 21st, at Ashwood House. Kingswinford, near

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Section A.— Foods and Drugs, including Prepared Foods,

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three symptoms— sudden advent of pyrexia, pain in the back,

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Sheffield, and Sundt-rlaud ; :i97 small pox patients were under treat-

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desirable addition t«i Do'h. Should not these stations come under the

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Gkace, Henry, L.K.C.P.Lond, M.H.C.S., reappointed Medical Officer of

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recurrence. These cavernous angiomata are rare, but have

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native country. He was for many years Medical Referee in

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bridge, Bury St. Edmunds, and West London. The secretaries reported

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ST. GEORGE'S HOSPITAL, 8. W.— Visiting Apothecary. Applications to

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Wanchow, for the beautiful microphotographs of the dis-

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coasts of the .Egean. The lecturer traced the growth of the-

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gnnii deal— practically, out of twenty-nine who went out, only eight were

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Milford Haven ; Mr. F. Lankester, London; Mr. A. W. W. Lea, London ;

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Exception was taken at the meeting to the term " disloca-

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Renewed interest in the matter arose from the researches

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himself as feeling much better. In" the afternoon, however, the friends

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The symptoms of the affection were quite distinct, yet never-

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have ever met with was in a boy with gangrene of the whole

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Dinner. — At 7.30 p.m. the dinner took place at the New Inn

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Midlands seem to be experiencing a recrudescence in one and

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logy, and will prove an excellent guide to the British gynaeco-

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to a few figures in connection with this contention. We have

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patient's abdomen been opened earlier the operation would

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quarter's speech all the evidence and the knowledge which

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chance. He has been doing so ever since, and the outlook is

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traces of capsule. Sometimes I then instil a few drops of a

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and Botany u-ith Xfedical Botany — W. O. .\rnbid, College of Medicine,

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Medico-Psychological Association of Great Britain.—

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l..'!o; Obstetric, Tu. Th. S., 2; o.p., W. S., 9; Eye, W. Th. S.,

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of the sanitary state and government of England, Scotland,

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1,300 jurant in verba Hahnemannii, and 300 profess the art and

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versa, could be made out in comparatively few cases, for of

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