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is de iendent upon the others but in such a way that each

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degeneration which naturally tends to make the course of the

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but they cannot be regarded as confirmatory of Mr. Twining s

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bied np the Duriams or Teeswators and later breeders developed the

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allow of closure of the epiglottis during deglutition.

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traceable in many cases to a scorbutic taint or previous venereal

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moutli. a n the nippers showing wear of the upper and

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the foeces are bright yellow with either diarrhoea or a tendency that

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occasional ration of sour whey. It is poor does not grow takes the

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foremost intending to take a bath. He had complete paralysis

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placed in position quite a severe fit of coughing ensues j at this

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firargle containing from twenty to twenty five minims of the

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is not impossible that tubage may be of some use in certain

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health or are progressing slowly to recovery. Kut the climate of

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The Jewish butchers for ages have killed by bleeding. They

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through many editions in English French and German. He

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of Epidemic and Duration before Admission considered. General Pathology

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thermometer will show as high as lOf gt to F. All these m.

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Beriberi as observed in the Jamsetjee Jejeebhoy Hospital in

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Post mcjrtem appearances are usually as follows The first and third

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frequently observing the different stages of the process connected

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The fifth and final reported case was peformed by M. Terrier

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of quartei and of flanks. The breadth below requires breadth of hip

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knowledge of hepatitis in childhood. The case of hepatic abscess

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This reliable firm occupy the last page of the Practitioner

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The manner of propagation of the Gruinea worm its mode of

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fectly familiar with the down charge by signal and to dropping to shot

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cidedly increased by much standing or walking and of a drag

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tery in the European General Hospital at Bombay for the Five Years

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sub tropical and more temperate regions of South America there arc

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What to do. Give a complete change in every way possible location

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the section of women dying of other causes near the time of

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has been respited until the further commands of Her Majesty

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headed The Administration of Chloroform page of March

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Friction murraur The number of cases of pericarditis alone

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he fowl The preceding illustration and references w.ll fully expla al

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encv of honey. If the object be to stimulate bees to commence reavnig

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for Egypt. At Cairo from the influence of the Kamsin wind he

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not have done all this t Yes even as he could have given

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cacoplastic yeUow deposit about two lines in thickness. There were also opaque

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the solid excreta are considerably less in India than in colder cli

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I have used gasses notably oxygen in the cabinet with the

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ropeans in June and July. The last case which came under my

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Kceno Jim roan gelding hands foaled by Lookout he by

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taken place in December February March and April it is evi

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Thanking you for your attention allow me to state in con

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Securing the assistance of Doctor A. H. Byrd and Horace

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and Mr. Carter and all three observers describe minutely the

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abdomen. The liver was smaller than natural. Its whole surface both convex and

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In the milder latitudes f the West it has been found economical to

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bations not having been judiciously managed from neglect of the

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be true to his patient and give whatever he thinks will do the

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for their milking qualities have degenerated in this respect so that tliev

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lessons we have not only presented numerous enL forml showC

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VL Complication of Dysentery with Morbid Lesions of the

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furunculus. Consequent on these various forms of inflammation there may be

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