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ciples which I have been endeavouring to inculcate.

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Dr. Henry Sayre Orme University of New York has been

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good reason for entertaining this opinion for it must be remem

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circumstances in which I have had the opportunity of observ

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The age size and general appearance of the animal should first be

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dressing it may be impossible to insinuate the cotton along the

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passed from the patient s conjunctiva into the margin of the

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quite regained his health after return to England.

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fifteen pens or iron cages placed in a straight line on each side

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races of the Orient. Under the shade of its fruit ladened

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ration of sponges sutures and ligature materials all of

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did not enlarge much for one year. About a year before her

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chief reasons for inaugurating this custom by the builder of

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of these two cases was a negro sailor a native of Muscat admitted

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the confirmation or correction of this opinion is important. With

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while skeptics and materialists ahke strove Ibr general

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Bistoury. For making incisions. It consists of a handle to which is

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I have taxed your patience too much already but I may men

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has gone on mildly but that from some cause or other exacerba

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febrile accessions was admitted into the clinical ward on the th November .

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mencing with chills followed by reaction and this by perspiration

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dockyard at Bombay as a malarious locality from my experience in the European

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before administering the ether or chloroform. He then made a

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