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the same thing. For the humane treatment of these dumb crcatuios

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f owed by death produced either by the traumatism or by gan

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three days after parturition. There is more or less fever colicky pain

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and cleaning the rain before feeding. The regular feeding of absolutely

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A young man years of age suffered from congenital her

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the adjoining parts constantly wet for some hours with ammonia by

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feeling of nausea continued for some time afterwards ut gradually subsided very

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the fever run very high and the inHanunation tend decidedly to nu

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variety of subjects not only professional but political phil

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Diseases of the generative organs are not ao numerous in the mare as

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section it is d lt ttcd with closely set Zu T nation. On

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and the temperature of the water. Sometimes five grms. of

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While holding these opinions on the pathology of this affection

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students of the pathological changes consequent upon acute in

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this country m breeding pony Morgans upon much of tho farm stocl

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were found in one or two cases connecting the surfaces of the

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the eye and by means of a peculiar double slip noose the ends

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and no severely cold weather in winter. The grasses therefore are natu

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with quick and hard work although the horse.aay be capable of and

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are the Terriers including the Black and Tan. Scotch and Skye Terriers.

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a febrifuge effect from remedies in fevers which have followed

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carried to a greater extent in pneumonia than in other inflamma

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lar with Americans. Fully half a dozen fine courses are given

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E. Blake to see some surgical patients. This morning I have

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years of age was admitted into the Jamsetjee Jejeebhoy Hospital about midnight of

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tention. Papers have been written by Alsburg Blum Fiedler

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Medical Society for this felicitous state of affairs.

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disturbance soreness of the affected side and contraction of the

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The fight between time and science and breeding now became a stub

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to be actively going on and they may probably be viewed as

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principles. If the abscess has been single and the constitution

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Proportional Admissions from Hepatitis in different Seasons.

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travelers came from the prairie States of the West and North

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vegetable life upon the desert ibut nothing that has any ap

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heard in upper part of left lung amphoric breathing in infra

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and the breath is also offensive. Great debility is a

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cattle however vary much in this respect and it is certain that the

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When cold affusion is doubtful or when the suitable stage has

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at first indicated commencing hypertrophy and dilatation. There is no a priori reason

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statements have been entered into not only from their relation to

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air grirgling through water. Considerable mucus and phlegm Jirc now

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struction partly by sloughing partly by suppuration.

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whose varying numbers at different seasons of the year there is

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extraction cautiously made. The method followed by native

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directions reproduced so far ua may be necessary to a fair understanding

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which forms part of those states of the system to which the

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I think not as I believe at the Thornton Ward diseased

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action in remittent fever appears to me erroneous in theory and

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upon him. What if we had in our libraries carefully compiled

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