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On Change of Air and of Climate. In considering the causes

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the opposite molars are kept in good apposition so that masti

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virus on a leper sore and inoculating uncontaminated persons.

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of the vesicles is of short duration probably not more than twenty

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practitioner who lived on the products of his business as

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on the surrounding turgescent parts. It must always be remem

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mistaken for the affection now under consideration.

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India makes it necessary that we should be careful not to mistake

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Bengal by the experience of Burnard Brett Twining Darby

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In the year the late Mr. Walter Dun near Lexington Ky. im

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hernia and of hare lip where the whole aim and the deliberate

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be the sam.. us for gravel subsequent treatnaut will

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inflammation may be suggested. The two cases which follow are

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maxim that every disease must be combated bv contrary

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from time to time a fair estimate of his physical progress may

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and vex and plague my perineum. You blush at mention of a

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pulmonary artery and indeed cases where anomalies in the

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Straw should always be used for bedding oat straw is the best and

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Tp well lever into which are inserted the muscles for extending he

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ifornia washed by the warmest waters of the subtropical sea

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truth but for the mere sake of healing will give to anyone

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and easily excited and in which that free use of purgatives often

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