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    thereafter each issue of the Practitionee will have the sum

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    in the application of our remedies to observe with care their effect

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    tracts in tropical countries very dangerous at the malarious

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    hospitals in India that tartar emetic and cold affusion are so

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    from time to time excites inflammation it has to be renewed

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    Shasta in the north feet high two chains at first diverge

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    tion of occasional intercurrent pleurisies is enjoying fair

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    groove in Which true euough in one sense for the affected parts J

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    such terms as pus puriform purulent applied to the intestinal

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    tution or the duration of the attack may be the pulse be badly

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    amendment. When the stage of pneumonia suitable for local

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    oil or compound jalap powder. The necessity f repeating these

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    or imprudently conducted. In fatal cases the mucous membrane

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    In cases where intrauterine injections were called for I have

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    tho body forming angles more or less distinct often divide towards their

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    Fixation of a Floating Liver Tumor A case is described

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    and early maturing hogs of fifty years ago knowa in the earlier crosses

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    trolling local capillary derangements and little risk of sudden


    Mr. Carter discovered that minute worms having a great resem

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    includes the rainy season and that immediately succeeding it and therefore the

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    and burning the remnants of a fence for want of better firewood. His

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    looked by Dr. Leith renders additional caution necessary in conducting an inquiry of

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    lessen vascular turgescence by the derivative action of leeches and

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    proportion of instances of pericarditis and endocarditis pain is not

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    rich blood may not feel the need of artificial warmth children

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    the corner tcoihi d e e c the dotted lines maik tlio divisions

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    tions of the older operation have been performed differing in

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    were febricula and yielded to moderate measures. But as there

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    which are on New Cardiac Medicaments New Methods of

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    and nutrition but in doses of from nine grains and upwards it

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    epidemics were probably generally of the mild form of the disease

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    aperture very large. We may therefore reasonably conclude

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    Though this symptom of hepatic disease has been from its

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    urea is well understood and need not be described in this work.

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    upon bread and olives feeling as well nourished as upon a

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    where I have used it the result has been very satisfactory and

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    weed amamnth pursley portulacca and vimous other succulent pUuits

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    readers of Progress. By the way he is to be congratulated on

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    exclusion of light is useful in ophthalmia and rest in an inflamed

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    cases of Mussulmans being one ninth and a half of the affected

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    This statement seems to countenance the relation of the disease

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    endocarditis. It occurred only in simple or combined pericarditis.

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    observed in only two of the fatal cases of this series. One just

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