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    ture while at the same time the advantages of appropriate regimen

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    the admissions were not above and per cent of the aggre

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    In such cases generally of from ten to twenty days duration the

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    central part of the skull cranium. Near the bones of the face facial

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    a feeling of surprise at the coolness of the nights and hygro

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    history of disease than occasional sudden death by syncope in

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    it aids digestion and is necessary to all herbiverous animals.

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    out meal or corn meal or some snJl bi f. thickened with

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    cornea and the thinness of the rabbit s cornea. He claims to

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    tice it has been generally and justly abandoned in India.

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    Buffificntly plain and the two central teeth are evidently smaller than

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    sore down as confines any pus remove any hair or other foreign matter

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    those cases that are often met with where an artificial eye can

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    serum in the pericardium. The other viscera though attenuated were healthy.

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    staphylomatous and buphthalmic eye was removed and the

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    before the fifth day of the fever and is almost invariably attended

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    testine is loaded with scybalous or other feculence the advantage

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    The latitude of Southern California is that of Southern Italy

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