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sively diffused under the peritoneum. The bodies of the second thixd and fourth

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How to know it. The animal is accustomed to hard work or regular

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are many instances however of cows breeding and remaining good

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except at a regular meeting subsequent to a regular meeting

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Cecchini used with excellent results injections of oil of turpen

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The case herewith presented is an extreme one affording in

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ful when considered impartially by an intelligent public.

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more and more the belly is tucked up milk entirely stopped the udder

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shaved cold applied and a nitro muriatic acid foot bath used. He continued

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great desert of Sahara and in a t rV. southward of the

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securely closed the pump is set in motion and the air pressure

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disinfecting substances may be named chlorine. This is set free by add

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by three quarters of a grain of tartar emetic and thirty minims

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Inspection seven hours after death. Chest. On opening the chest both lungs were

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ardor thus the works of the old writers were edited

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medical schools to found dental chairs and to teach oral

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to remark that everything she looked at with it appeared as if

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ter understood by taking a grain of sand as a substance crush

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by malicious persons from motives of revenge toward the owner or to

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from my article in the Medical Record of May th and in

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wash bottle which is in turn connected with a five gallon

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in consequence of its venous character excite derangement. A

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should in any respect differ from those which obtain in inflamma

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conditions as favouring the action of the exciting cause. The

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wlio have advocated this doctrine but amongst later authors

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antimony in small doses or aqua acetatis ammonise sufficed for

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brandy and the draught three times but he continued agitated talking incoherently

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necessarily be a considerable number of re admissions included in

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iiiiportiaioii of a imll and four vows wliicli earno ovor sound. Theso jind

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frequently find an intercostal neuralgia of the left side which

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have been mentioned. One natumlly inqnires then what

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circumstances under which these excellent physicians had observed

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after suitable local depletion or in cases for which the latter mea

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The number of cases seen by Dr. Forbesf at Pali from January

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compression of the lung. I am unacquainted with this sign and

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