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kind of uterine catarrh perhaps no more than an endometritis.

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bisliops and popes gave examples of devotion by dressing

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between the shoulders and ribs and the ribs und loins. The loins were

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during which I know that the disease was chiefly treated in the

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great inland plateans whose elevation numbers into the thou

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Table XXIX. Admissions and Deaths with Per centage from Diarrhoea

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that my professional brethren will excuse these lines if they

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It is in abdominal surgery that the greatest advances have

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breathing surface in the lungs though it may frequently be

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as I learnt she suffered from occasional febrile accessions and re

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thoroughly discussed in periodicals no originality is claimed

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Convulsion is liable to occur in all the forms preceding the

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may continue for twelve hours and more after reaction has taken

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struma syphilis mercury or retained excretions What is the

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to get medical papers mixed as such papers often do I should

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Daring the sixteenth century these men were few iaj

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be covered by two large hands embracing this part of the

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performed in pelves whose conjugate diameters did not exceed

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lished in claimed iu the abstraction of its promise

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in cases of cardiac disease it is important to study from a

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bichloride of mercury with lanolin rubbed upon the skin can

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event is most likely to occur when the abscess is large.

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mouth on one side being cut against tho sharp molar to th.

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that as a breed they have never in this particular been equaled. Tliey

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Prcecordial fulness was observed in only two and was appa

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The very common impression with the eastern people coming

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Among the nations which flourished between ancient and modern times

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ment and that they are being used in a disease which if it

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ties the Blood hound the Stag homid Fox hound the German badger

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the beat of the pulse correspond and in which the slowness

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Section V. European General Hospital Remittent Fever

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centers but these centers are held in abeyance by the condition

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March April and May and his stay there prolonged or not according to

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of typhoid fever differing so materially from those of malarious

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the snows and the fierce winds and the mud which there en

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There is considerable range in the degree and rapidity of the

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if properly used. First as they may be used as skeletons onto

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The symptoms consequent on the embarrassed action of the organ will

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own experience. He liad the most profound self confi

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Pasteur s experiments have proved that earth worms bring to

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inflammatory condition of the surrounding tissue which is favour

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ation of the condition obtaining in France during the

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marked as the temperature of the water is raised. Another

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the membranes and substance of the brain which unless re

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the bone. It is not very seldom either that reproduction of

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England this system found no important followers but in

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ever return to reside in the county of Los Angeles he may

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neck. The fistula of the cheek secreted saliva during the act

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There is no antagonism between the Hill climates of India and

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casional pain of abdomen and had generally an evening accession of fever. Leeches

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teeth about lOjHiBh through the gums m m m m the roots

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Inspection nine hours after death. The body stout and the external surface

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mulations h from atrophy of the cortical structure consequent

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September and October months in which neither cold nor wet

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time in Italy and also found followers elsewhere. For

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the first Friday evening of each month.. The regular

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On the third occasion however a four per cent solution of

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The corn r teeth of the upper jaw assume the triangular

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fifteen days the animal is stricken with hydrophobia and soon

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