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teria life upon the several conditions named we are able to

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by only one gate and were forbidden to learn or write

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Southern California Odontological Society. Dr. McCoy gave

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Art. IX. Any regular physician in good standing may be

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Certain it is that syphilis appeared almost simulta

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doctrine of Animal Magnetism which obtained among all

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Though cases of the follo ing kind are by no means rare tlie

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was entered through the conjunctiva close to the inner canthus

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Quinsy or Inflammation of he Sf Vv i lt gt the Lnngs. m

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They should bo. ipplied smoothly and with moderate pressure. Fo

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The Practitioner will aim in due time to get scientific in

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first admitted into the hospital on the th October affected with extensive

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continued till the dropsy and the oedema had. entirely disap

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present in greater degree than Mahabuleshwur and Poorundhur

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practical acquaintance with dysentery from this method of investiga

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proved to the world that ether would produce insensibility

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the variety of preparations of each drug might be less with no

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experience in a connected form and to illustrate my opinions by

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authoritie e tioned is not considered safe by many of the best

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tific observations rather than upon the more glittering but less fruitful basis of

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tion and putrefaction were caused not by chemical forms

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according to the amount of hypertrophy or the degree of re

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to the nipple of the healthy side and made fast there in this

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nearly vVi the more highl prized of the modern sub families of horses.

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the older physicians meeting him on the street yesterday

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school since it was distinguished neither by notable dis

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in intermittent and remittent fever is to be met by venesection

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discharges on the legs and belly have an offen.sivo odor

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appear to be thick and the calibre diminished. In the fork

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The same order of progress occurs in the process of softening

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as in other countries. In the notes of my own practice there is

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county as has already been done in Los Angeles and San Ber

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that there has been much loose observation and inaccurate

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improves and prolongs organic life to a remarkable degree.

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of internal m professional as in lay minds this view seems

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provided for the men and sound grain plenty of water careful groom

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covering many thousands of acres. I remember driving for

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fairly established they are whatever the state of the circulation

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genic organisms in the body would be more rapidly fatal to

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precipitation or number of clear or cloudy days during an

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What to do. Syringe out the parts with tepid water and inject lotion

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little finger. In this instance it is by no means clear that the

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