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    May Queen bay mare ISf hands foaled by Alexander h Isor

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    Causes. Too plethoric a condition of the system is the great cause.

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    the layers and above this a row of Lembert s sutures applied.

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    neck as seen in the annexedcut. Foment the joint with hot water

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    Of the substances causing trauma we will name boiling watar

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    occur though the pain is more likely to be constant breathing becomes

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    the remissions are so slight as to be hardly observed the fever

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    Mineral acids change the chemical reactions of the fluids

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    Lancinating Shavp acute shooting in a manner as if tearing thus

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    Dr. Grarrod thus states the conclusion which may be drawn

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    prejudice and insight. Probably no physician ever reached

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    indications of the incipient pathological changes which at first

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    especially if there is stretching and colicky pains give recipe No. i hot

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    disease but to investigate the factors which make toward re

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    general sources I should perhaps refer those who are in

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    cause and then treat vigorously to remove it. Give large quantities ot

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    good has no sweat at night temperature normal respira

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    so fully marbled with fat would he an important consideration it the

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    obligatory on physicians in the Kingdom of France and

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    slightly more tender in texture than natural. The kidneys were healthy and there

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    under careful management terminate successfully or the remis

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    need and indeed would be much better without the daily bath

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    called gastro or laparo elytrotomy. As to its history it is

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    health commission of three qualified veterinary surgeons should be em

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    patient and the condition particularly of his respiratory and

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    degree but with the other symptoms of the disease so well marked

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    My remarks on dysentery will be arranged in the following

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    tically extinct. Much has been written about these excellent animals

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    the th and th Dragoons situated at considerable distances from

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    the urine is scanty and high coloured with sometimes a frequent

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    with proper treatment recover from it while the original dis


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    the poor singer warbling his autumn ditty finds the refrain

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    disease. It is not improbable when we bear in mind the advanced

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    ness of the hypogastrium. A catheter was introduced and the bladder was found

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    lation rendering necessary the adoption of means for lessening vas

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    find rich food for thought in the interesting article by Dr.

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    instrument of which I speak is the laryngoscope as now used.

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    disease the safe practical rule is that in all asthenic or cachectic

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    two as already stated were believed to prove fatal shortly after

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    and was sent to Hursole on the th. He reached it exhausted on

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    Symptoms. In cases admitted after the occurrence of pleuritic

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    Mr. Canton s case and the patient was at once relieved of

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    bodily temperature and even with the hot bath this is the

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    of strong nitric acid and you observe that both effervesce. I

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    and supposed the nerves to originate in the heart. Rnfus

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    wash containing say one dram of tr. of iodine or one halt

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    employed pus procured from sniall pox vesicles a year

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    I would notice a preliminary pathological question of some interest

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    aration of the Maltine Manufacturing Company. We predict

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    there was recovery from the punctured abscess but death a year

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    Tms eminent French Scientist has in his announcement of a

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    Differing in all Essential Points from other Meat Extracts in the

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    This front or level escutcheon is distinctly marked in the young hoifer

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    confined to sthenic constitutions and has been termed Bilious

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    its force on the nervous circle of the eighth pair and extends its

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    interest in this class of sufferers. The lot of the insane at

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