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ansBsthesia of the right side of the body and an incom

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X At p. No. Transactions Medical and Physical Society of Bombay there

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normal state and that when cases prove fatal this result is brought

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logical theories of the last generation be accepted and the

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virus. The operation was not prohibited in England until

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which induce it before the characteristic symptoms of scurvy

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History of the Bombay Fusileers in the Punjaub. The fever

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and the reaction slowly established is coincident with the latter

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there are stations at different elevations and on different sides of

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clammy skin often suddenly coming on and proving speedily

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This is catarrh of the mucous membrane lining the urethra. Its causes

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dogs she would always cross the street rather than meet one

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and the metatarsal ligament. Sprain of these without proper t reatnieut

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few who officiated as lithotomists like Frere Come or as

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Ward B. European Eegiment Surgeon Ewing th Eegiment and Assistant Surgeon

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unacquainted till I met wiCh the following case. This condition

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are given one showing a horse s head strained unnaturally an. unduly

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with occasional febrile recurrences and he was discharged on the th February

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fit for work. However he is obliged to do a little and must

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the strictured parts and appljdng emollient astringent or stimulant

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sometimes so strongly as to strike the belly with the fetlock. Some

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where have been tried here and every new therapeutical propo

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sands of feet. He is irrigating his fields as do the descendants

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good driving horses or good horses for general utility for it mu

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termission of the pyrexia but in which the tongue continues

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many other discoveries might be recorded liere did time

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ment. If so the authors purpose in writing this Ijook will have been

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