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ance Take t.ose animals that are known to LCmlll fat

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rattle in the throat that tells you death is at hand.

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will in both instances be found to be characterised by distinct

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signified their intention of attending to justify us in saying

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tion from the occasional occurrence of intercurrent pneumonia

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scription of the condition of the kidneys. I allude to the epithelial

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rally associated with dilatation of the ventricles and consequent

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circumscribed aneurism of the left ventricle. Death expedited by acute general perito

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mittent and remittent treated by me in natives in the clinical ward

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make this recommendation and here I would say that Dr. Morchcad s experience

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fever mouth hot respiration and pulse quick tenderness on pi essure

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of Van Swieten in the direction of the Austrian Medical

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The leading statistical facts of cholera amongst European and

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on this point. Dr. GruU estimates the proportion of death from

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mum and be such as requires a minimum of digestive power.

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one eye tlie surgeon received marks for a like opera

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How to know It. The symptoms are those of general fevsr accelera

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islands was given up for the leper home. Great difftculty has

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morning of the th the pulse was almost imperceptible. The purging continued the

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The following recipe may be of service along with the generous diet

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Inspection sixty hours after death. Chest. Both lungs were emphysematous and

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Inspection twelve hours after death. Qhest. There was not any serous eiFusion

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indication of cure but can there be a greater error in practice

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shaking the head from side to side. Port wine is an essential

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It has been said that urine is nothing more than a collection

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Dr. Mucas Championere of Paris. It consists of light car

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to investigate that material disease which comes to this

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piece and gie my compliments to Leddy Margaret and tell her

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