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    poison responsible for the trouble would be discov-

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    also a difference in the effect of carbohydrate foods,

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    presidency of Professor A. Taniburini, of Rome. The

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    replaced in this case by the end of the second metatarsal. The patient made

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    in the transformation of group i into group 2 or 3.

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    individual bacilli being still somewhat separated from each other.

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    attached to it ; the bandage is removed, and the syringe emptied into the vein

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    act until it has learned of the existence of the cases.

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    alcohol, or as a pill. — TherapeuUsche MonaUhefte, 1897, Heft 1, S. 4.

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    Tivered before tying the sutures the resident physician

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    'If there be any doubt of this, witness the only lines in which

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    and tenderness in right loin, painful and frequent micturi

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    Thoroughly Revised. Philadelphia and London : W. B.

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    facilitates the expenditure of greater muscular energy.

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    by maceration in spirit (1 to 8). The dose varies from 1 to 4 drachms

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    portion of inorganic material — 33.34 per cent. The writer believes that

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    patulous orifices, discharging a yellowish secretion which crusts readily

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    7 a. m. sc(>i)olainine, o.oi grain, combined with morphine

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    tised had there been a very perceptible reduction in

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    baths, we must not forget that the entrance into even a tepid bath with these

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    dent, Dr. C. M. Poole, of Salisbury ; first vice-president,

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    same with iodoform gauze, five per cent. In this case the

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    riding, but the erection began in the eighteenth year, before riding, and did

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    statement that one of the author's cases of hsematuria "yielded to the

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    the pangs of maternity, to save life, and to bring health and happiness

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    All departments represented in this Congress are working together

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    the knee-joint. The anesthetic was chloroform, and the operation lasted

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    ation was declined. Cancer of the pylorus was found, apparently without metastases.

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    'Since this was written Gans died of tuberculosis. His death

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    a toxaemia. If partial starvation could be stricken

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    devoted to him with an affection that was unusually strong ; upright

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    cessful one. The conference proper — that is to say,

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    tracted at the time the plates were made, and this part of

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    F. .Adams, Dr. G. K. Dickenson, and Dr. Ross McPherson.

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    mia of the brain, shock, etc., and are evinced by the

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    rarely leg-movements occur, such as the sudden extension of the leg and

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    The body of this patient was examined post mortem by Dr. A. S.

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    livery he wakened up to the fact that his entire con-

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    author first of all needs to be taken notice of. To

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    collection of potsherd-like concretions presented vividly recalls the

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