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    the urine little or no albumen is to be detected." The specific

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    the cases. Ten years ago a boy of 12 years came under

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    towards the left ascending ramus of the ischium. The obtuse end

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    \Zth. — Slough has separated, and the wound underneath looks

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    Humerus. — Dr. Hutchinson {British Medical Journal)

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    have no cancer or gangrene anywhere. You have what doc-

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    holic extract, if three grams of gland were added to one hundred

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    brought into the law-courts. The pains in the limbs may be discussed

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    now pass water properly. Seemed to recognise his mother. At 10 p.m.

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    this the patient died. Albuminuria occurred in three, and

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    originally published in the New York Medical Record, for June

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    I am not entitled to any thanks for having unburdened

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    Prosector and Assistant Anatomist to the Faculty of Medicine of Paris, etc.

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    I am not entitled to any thanks for having unburdened

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    constantly permeated, requires constant renewal. Without a constant and rapid

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    pulmonary arteries and hypertrophy of the right heart ; the

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    questions in the practice and philosophy of general

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    Osborn, George Wakeman, B.A., Yale, '84 P. & S., N. Y., '87 Bridgeport.

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    has been already intimated, by purgation fluid is rapidly

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    of measuring the capacity of the uterine cavity. It can be expanded

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    Samuel E. Milliken, M. D., of New York county, will read

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    able to dislocate the growth. As to whether the whole

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    prochiced by mere h>'pereniia, and are most apt to occur during the early stages:

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    lancholy accompaniment to their condition. A large propor*

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    the face with a plaster of some kind. Covering the face with gold4ci^

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    which is afterwards sown. A grain obtained with so little labour

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    sometimes they are not particularly affected throughout the disease ;

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    ton were accidentally omitted in the list of former

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    effective appliances. Some recommend puncturing the sac. This

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    inevitable Abortion in its Relation to Uterine Disease — 205

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    Misce : fiat pulvis. (To be taken for two mornings ia succession,

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    itself in the better hygienic condition of the former ; with greater wealth

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    we are unable to explain tlie mode of action of these

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    Phy iojacca Decandra,on the Med. Properties of, by George

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    enlarged, and, after trying for several hours to reduce it, he sent for

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    to the firmness of each patch and render them indistinguishable from

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    families of soldiers and oflBcers^ and by no means seldom pharmacy.

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    weeks during which hospital care is required. All these phenomena

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