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    of local blood letting and blisters in another of blisters in a third

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    parts and so numerous indeed are those exceptions that some doscribo

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    of foul ulceration and those about the toes and fingers may lead to

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    dissecting room of Vesalius at Padua the excretory duct

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    needed to avoid pushing the fingers through the walls of the bladder

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    tions the diagnosis is often uncertain for in hospital practice the

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    Scmors curved. Indispensable for trimming the edges of wounds

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    classifications of tlie time the regular profession was sup

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    condemnatory of this practice. I desire to put the medical service

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    ing meningitis than pneumonia yet in estimating the rate of

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    remittent fever was observed by Clark and Lind. Nor have his

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    mistake to suppose that any great varietv of violent dru. sJn.

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    breed is second to none for milking. The Galloways which less than

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    Handle the udder and teats of the heifer often while she is growing

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    taking these courses and in talking with most of them I found

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    to another locality in India or to more temperate latitudes is

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    is a rare form of disease in the seasoned European and in the

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    membrane it may be recovered from with or without exuda

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    time consisted of ten professors whose saluiy probably

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    person who had been buried the year before and though it

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    cessive days. This difference materially affects the principles of

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    bility was entirely restored except in the last two phalanges

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    taken in medical writings of rheumatic pneumonia pleuritis or

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    in persons favourably circumstanced for the development of a

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    which at that time was considered very formidable. Though

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    It has been stated that as a result of atmospheric rare

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    The pupils are generally contracted when the drowsiness of the

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    from the turgescent state of the bronchial capillaries and when

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    which was due to accident in order to hear the sounds

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    and laid upon it cotton soaked in the variolous pus moist

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    year of hepatitis in plethoric Europeans lately arrived in India

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    here that they need only bring their summer clothing with

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