Orographic Rainfall

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resulting from menstruation. And where pregnancy is plain,

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thrown off. The abdomen, at the same time, is flaccid and pre-

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top — then black, and soon the mass dropped out — leaving an

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acknowledge its importance ; and, in regard to practicability, let the

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a towel or handkerchief held very near but not in immediate con-

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Medical Department of the University, under the direction of a clinical

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secretion of blood, fail. Prof. Bischoff remarks, that he could ne-

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attached to its centre. The smaller placenta was a little larger than either

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gosed state of its own mucous membrane. A sudden closure of the valve

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The reason of the disposition alluded to by Dr. Dunglison,

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places in some parts of continental Europe. Sperino at Turin, Gam-

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orographic rainfall

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are condersided with a definitness of purpose, a stretch of thought, an ex-

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driven through the right parietal bone into the hemisphere of

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rythm of the hearts action, were either absent or obviously inop-

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disease is fastening itself upon vital organs, this is a depress-

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These forms of disease are prevalent to a great and alarm-

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though more commonly it does not come on for half a minute or

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face, the bottle is alternately compressed by the hand and relaxed so as to

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orographic lifting is due to

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Heath, late President of the Royal College of Surgeons of

orographic lifting describes what process

orographic lifting creates abundant precipitation on the

delivery have not been accomplished, are the chief causes of

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The alkaline constituents of the blood, (chyle, or lymph) are

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