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varieties double and duplicated tertian and quartan doubtless

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ferers were Lascars belonging to a ship which had just arrived

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Professor Loomis in his work on Diseases of the Respira

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me at least came to me. I found the whole forehead and face

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the skin makes it dry and brittle and impairs its nutrition.

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behind the shank bone it is inserted in the two pasterns.

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Treatment When cerebral congestion is present in the cold

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Ca MornU the are more or less found. In mountainous barren regions

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controlling this disease beyond what obtains in all cachectic

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to the state of the tongue and the condition of the secretions in

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is determined by vaso motor and vaso inhibitory centers situat

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cases replacement becomes perfect in others sufficient to admit

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Dr. Jacobi said that the tendency of cow s milk to coagulate

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causes which induce it I am unable to offer any useful practical

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then the means appropriate for the removal of this complication

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heavy Devon and a light Hereford. Their white faces may probably be

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shortly before his death wlien delivering lectures on phre

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