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This should be applied to the roots of the hair rather than the

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nerves are diseased. In such cases the nucleus and both pupilar

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Hbove The ui per ann should he very long and muscular the knee

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difl erent tissues as simple and similar elements of tlie body

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an external species are at the present moment I believe no more

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through the other processes that may be most favourable to resto

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exists from any cause the excessive relaxation of the ventric

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successfully treated a number of cases of varicose veins by hy

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given during the period of excitement is frequently followed by

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has greatly simplified the treatment of lupus. In the use of

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but more lately they have been nearly or luito supplanted in tlmt State

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died a few days afterwards the most active treatment having failed in developing

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and strangulation follows the same as in intussusception.

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self in that language. From the age of twenty five he

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The following is a synopsis of an address delivered at

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case it hangs from the mouth like some lifeless appendage.

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which was at once horse nuirket and race course. Fitz Stephen who

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vomited and evacuated from the bowels. When these phenomena

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of the capillary circulation of important organs as is likely to injure

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small bone at the top fibula which reaches down the bone for about

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of the lids from the introduction of foreign bodies exposure to cold

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effusion and at the same time a deeply reddened state of the

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metropolis with the ocean at its door and the center from

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paralysis of the ciliary and iris branches of the third nerve.

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quality of their beef. In more Northern regions the Galloways may justly

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influence the fimctions of the heart can permanently interfere

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the native agency employed are unworthy of being received as

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disease those in which after three or four hours of characteristic

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valves but the murmurs were not heard on account of the dis

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becoming alive to the all important fact that physiology is the

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which we gather the following interestin facfs Th I

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mountain streams have been taken from their beds and turned

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insufficiency of oxygen resulting from rarefaction of the air by

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From the th the countenance was anxious and dysenteric foetor was observed.

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disease that pericarditis and endocarditis have been so frequently

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was used there remain eight admitted above the tenth day of

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tem till the natural course and processes of poison elimination have

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the close investigation of the diseases to which they relate.

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them very hot nearly all the time and there will be

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was never popular among medical monks. The Hellenic

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