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skin and the kidney might lead us to anticipate that interruption

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was great and the course rapid the injurious effects of the agent

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Of the diseases which might be permanently or temporarily

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and purple lips but anaemia more or less as shown in the pallid

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European countries and is supposed to substantiate a pathological

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What to do. If the disease shows clearly the symptoms descnbed kill

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The solitary glands of the colon are also often implicated in this

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to the diseased medulla and especially of the posterior columns

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Hence in estimating the po.ssiblo profits in breeding for beef one niu i

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Inspection eight hours after death. External appearances Body very much

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requiring modifications to meet peculiarities of native habit and constitution.

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takes them mixed or take each ingredient separately. The


main dependence for sheep clovers they do not like so well. In pastur

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further information of the various circumstances under which

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ery three or four weeks and repeat the above treatment each time andia

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leaders as well as of writers seems to imply that there

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On the historical interest of leprosy in Europe throughout a

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seldom observed in Bombay but in its slighter degree it occasionally

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which the muscles for extending the arm are inserted. They are of great

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everything to observation its chai acteristic is that this

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