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Local blood letting. Though there has been more scope for

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to have it filled. There are many advantages in this method.

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I have confined my remarks on hemiplegia to the desultory

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tality into that proceeeding from all causes except epidemics

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flavor but the whole stood mixed together from two to four houiH after

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averaging in elevation only a few hundreds of feet above the

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Peburary. Dressed the face with a carbolized vaseline

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Middle Ages. It remained for the accoucheurs and sur

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over his body breathe in hi nostril open hi mouth geutWr hU

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The results of my clinical experience of this remedy are ar

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The proximate cause of enlargement of the spleen was supposed

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Avoid all.strong irritating or l li stering.mplications If

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frequently derived under failing action of the heart in valvular

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of disinfection and the destruction of micro organisms outside

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Hritish language Rhediad is the word for a race rheder to run and

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in the lower part of the lung communicating with the abscess in

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The nippers of the upper jaw have now beocnne twice as

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Keep the animal in a dark place with plenty of water to drink.

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ever and of late years the tide has been against chloroform.

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recurring fever are not unfrequently classed as hepatitis partly

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due weight to these statements it cannot bo doubted that the cultivation

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Laparotomy for gunshot wounds of the Intestines and ab

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with the hammer and chisel. When the cells are open all

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active work of the profession must take daily upon themselves

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cording to the taste of the breeder. They should. L T rathe

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clinical manifestation Chlorosis bears an intimate similarity to

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arteries and veins clearly confirmed his conjecture. More

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with perhaps an aching or dull pain most frequently situated

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final outcome was natural philosophy and to square itself I

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charge has been made that during the progress of cremation

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