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pupils were normal there was no peculiar paleness no cold

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and followed by distinct peritonitis are amenable to judicious

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medicine by any one who had not received a degree in one

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the pulse was never above and he took the wine and nourishment well.

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Cyrus F. Demsey Oakland Rush Medical College Illinois

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effusion of the liquor sanguinis the tibrine being as yet undeposited

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The congestive stage of acute croupous pneumonia is not

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consequence. It is a frecjueut cause of congestion of somh of the inner

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to watch and search for the physical signs of pericarditis and endo

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no community in the land. Cincinnati Lancet Clinic.

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ing armies are illustrations of the importance of considering

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arguments which go to justify this hypothesis. The explanation of

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the kicking muscle and is shown at m on pages and lt. and.

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course in the febrile form it has existed in greater proportion than

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the system through a wound or mucous membrane or by absorption of

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cases upon obstruction somewhere generally in the circulation

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many ways by Bichat who enjoyed a brief though mem

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curved backwards like a bow. Sprain of the latter is of

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known that in those cases the orbital cavity is imperfectly

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medical journal to find how many even in the ranks of the

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and untrustworthy. The diagnosis is not difficult it rests on a

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As the result of these and numerous other ex gt eriments

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ably to the action of the iodol. Dr. Mazzoni prophesies for

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ion until a fuller acquaintance with the different seasons of the

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pulmonary artery which conduct to these defective cells but it

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which a change to Poorundhur has been considered suitable. In

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little can be done when once a bird is thus attack jd.

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climate on this disease there are a great variety of mineral

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ing the starch into malt sugar and dextrine in which form they

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tous there were numerous large grey black tumid chiefly transverse patches none

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dropsy of chronic Bright s disease. Its chief value was in

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During the operations of the Central India Field Force in May and

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ingly soluble. The salt was known to the Alchemists but has

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Causes. When the food dries and hardens so that it cannot be passed

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The next stage of the operation was the removal of the eye

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Stanford of Charlton Court is credited with having sold high grade

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which in turn is simply one manifestation of the general catarrhal

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obviated. Prevcntio.i is lietter tlian cure and this fact is emphasized

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grind his teeth and froth at his mouth. During the time his

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to distinguish the facial and auditory nerves from each

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of usefulness can be extended to other swellings such as

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should be given. Should cerebral complication threaten and there

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pale colour and frothy streaked with mucus and blood or reddish

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European Greneral Hospital on the nd January. On admission into hospital

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assisting our judgment Between the portion of the external covering

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These considerations lead to the conclusion that the successful

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pressing mental affections bodily fatigue prolonged lactation

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phragmatic pleuritis leading to adhesion between the base of the

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new mescal journal which b n publication in January .

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electricity etc. and also by iridectomy an operation to excise a portion

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later to Queen Mary. Linacre was the first Englishman

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avoiding as much as possible technical scientific terms. These when

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the dry Salicylic acid. Pus appeared in due time healthy in

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the intensity of the cause or injudicious treatment in the early stages.

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of the thinned and diseased tissues and recommended the early

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has always been one of the crowning ornaments of the best

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cough will increase and the thick heavy sound when the ear is applied

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