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universal remedy for dysentery but I have had opportunities of

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the agitated actions consequent on excitement and alarm are

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pepsia is so carefully inquired into by insurance examiners

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presses applied to the affected regions. The febrile symptoms lessened crepitus ap

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water and cast.le soap and dress with tho above lotion

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in the classes to which the inmates of this hospital belong local

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grown. The milk teeth those teeth which are shed taken from the

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toes drop off and the parts that are left cicatrise. At this stage

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lessen the inhibitory effect of the irritation of splanchnic plex

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Dr. Anderson a graduate of one of the schools here of a year

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griping and straining. The tongue was florid and glazed and there was occasional

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below the right ribs with diffuse sense of fluctuation indicates the

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high as that of the febrile form hence we are probably justified in

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cervicitis. One is ChurchilPs tincture of iodine the other

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to thankfully acknowledge my indebtedness in particular to

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the least importance of any of them as the damage done

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Gentlemen It is a fundamental rule of diagnosis that its

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as that of pithing. I believe that under these circumstances the

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