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tries formerly requiring certificates of this examination Italy and

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is important, such as Texas fever, anthrax, pneumonia, blackleg, or septicemia, the exact

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Regulation "0. — Foot locks shall be of good sound Bpruce, hord pine, oak, or other hard

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Postgraduate Course — Raymond O. Muether, St. Louis.

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Nominations for Standing Committees by President and Confirmation by the

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ly to a hot, weeping skin. A dictum which I learned

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is more susceptible to heat than is normal tissue. Moreover, it would

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Postgraduate Course — Raymond O. Muether, St. Louis.

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examination. Animals that may possibly have been exposed to the

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promptly to any request for advice and coimsel sub-

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th.' urine. The .lise.iv.ry that this oeeiirs in the Dalmatian <ln._r has.

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water, usually from a hose or from an ingenious combination of hose

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Within a week after the importation of 34 Saanen and Toggen-

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plavix meds free at walgreens

less and showed symptoms of paralysis about his lower jaw, his

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April 1, 1914, complete autopsies have been carried out on 70 per cent

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both from diagnostic and treatment standpoints with emphasis on treatment.

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capsule is surrounded by mononuclear cells similar to those in the remainder

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Second Award: G. D. Searle & Co., Chicago, 111.

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Jersey cattle for import, number tuberculin tested in Great Britain, fiscal

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of suu'ar. Mut ev..ii this rcfiii.'ment in t...-liiii.- has ii..t. as a rule, lia.l tl

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line for Texas fever, difflculty of maintaining 102

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actly not only the amounts of digestible matter and potential

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must be built. This must be a device which supplies

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For these experiments a flock of 50 ewes was obtained which were

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Recent investigations by De Jong*^ (1905) have shown very con-

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cther extracts from normal and pathohitric livers, the leeithins. whieli are

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" endothelioma lymphangiomatosum,** " pleuritis carcinosa,** " lymph-

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but damp ; no evidence of paint or whitewash. The ham coolers were painted and white-

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;iii,ls ill liiiiiiNii I'l I iiM' iii;cihl\ 'Ii ic ;iii.| |.iUniili.-.

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Continued cultivation upon artificial media tends to reduce the

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inyolYed. Ribbert's*' case showed a typical mesaortitis; the adTsntitla

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Third District: Councilor, J. William Thompson. St. Louis:

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adherent to the surrounding structures. Similar smaU nodules, the size

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Mantz, Kansas City; A. C. Henske. St. Louis; Lawrence E.

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summary of all daily reports of that month, is also forwarded to the Inspector in

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was withheld. After a study of 200 hearts from rats, cats, dogs, oxen,

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