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sarily vary according to the stage of the inflammation and the

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the opposite error to neglect antiphlogistic remedies and to

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and in classes in which the idiopathic form is of frequent occur

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sive opiate and stimulant treatment the mortality from delirium

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lung has been for a longer time consolidated we find that days

Causes. Ill diarrhoea there is an excessive secretion of the juices of

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become detached and are expelled when ri e i f f ogments

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long muscular and tapering to the knee. The joints are large but firm

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the Jamsetjee Jejeebhoy Hospital in November and December

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claims made for each while at the same time attributing

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Aden and this result might have been anticipated for their

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cue country he studied with tlie best of teacliers lecturing

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our acceptance of the therapeutic principle but it requires to be

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on the Pacific Coast she having performed ovariotomy with

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name shrieked the mother do you mean to murder my dar

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avoid the disgrace of losing them and in penetrating

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to leave and return to the liver through the venous

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Anatomy of the Hind LImbs. Tho great bone of the thigh femur

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cases are the means of treatment. When the abscess has opened

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the spasms recur. If the chloroform be frequently repeated

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in many cases in advanced stages be the only safe measure.

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no community in the land. Cincinnati Lancet Clinic.

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the owner to see now she will spread out. and accumulate flesrlnd fat

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is often very scanty. The vesicles are depressed in the centre at

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the great care Is to picserve breeds in their purity. Hence pedigrees

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complications of remittent fever should be also observed in this

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in India as is apparent from the following statement which

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inferior maxillary bone from the symphisis to the angle. At

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to the spine. The lower part of this dullness seemed to be

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and the patient died on the ninth day. This is the only

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of patients proving its value and the danger of its neglect.

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