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    for the duties of his new office. lie has been engaged for

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    leucocytes are found, and the exudation of an albumen-containing fluid takes

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    and the alkaline chlorides, powdered metallic arsenic must, when introduced

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    so called. The exciting cause is believed to be violent and persistent vomiting

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    the medical member of a local board. I have been made to feel that

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    haul it away, and he did not know what to do. If he buried

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    At any rate, it suffices for our purpose to know the bindweb as

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    bolic apoplexy, 11; thrombotic apoplexy, 11; enceph-

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    variety. In dubious cases under expectant treatment, morphin

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    " One of the objects of lint applied to a suppurating wound, is to

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    His eyes were brilliant; his hair sandy, and his complexion florid; a circumstance

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    The discovery of the efficacy of the chinchona barks in the

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    was giving for stimulation and sought to find whether oils remained in

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    It is especially appropriate to apply this model to developing

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    and as a teacher of medicine. It was in that city also that

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    6 A past history of thrombophlebitis, thrombosis, or thromboembolic disorders associated with previous

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    securely and plunge into boiling water. Allow to boil two

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    nished by the male shield fern. The root of this plant formed the

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    ings Park concludes that virulent diphtheria bacilli are present in

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    cal Journal says : "The Tri-State Medical Society, which met in this city

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    the last stage of typhoid fever, where the patient is threatened

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    recovered, some do not seem to have been sufficiently

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    The</tV/ should l)e light and nutritious (milk, eggs, rice, gnieis, fresh vegetables,

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    I bring the matter before the Society because I have heard remarks

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    Neither the presence or absence of albumen in the urine is decisive of

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    instruct the patient to drink plenty of water. — Medical Record.

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    who is ignorant of these details it may prove very difficult. It is

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    tory period (though at times the tension is slightly lowered), but becomes small,

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    mense demand for fish, and no doubt richly compensated the Holland-

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    In natives, trypanosomes may be present in the blood for long periods of time

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    peutical inquiry." One is the more surprised to notice that this statement is

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