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    Table XIX. Admissions and Deaths with Per centage from Epidemic

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    the classes of bacterium termo and lineola or the still more

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    sionally breathing the out door air not being over particular

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    employed tlie magnifying glass in examining tlie eye. As

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    ing with a big elephant leg lymphangitis or else though going out

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    Shall you not daim its sweetest sihelling flowers t

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    The horse has of course always figured prominently in fiction and ro

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    excretion in the blood. On the contrary the inference from

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    Assault and Rape. Students of medical jurisprudence should

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    evacuants but agencies of this kind enfeeble and they ought not

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    themselves to me I will briefly relate. This being my first trip

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    diseases generally it is unwise to surround the sick one by a

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    demanded the most prompt and decided measu.res for their relief. There was pungent

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    butstil they assist thereto. The crowns of thoVladei

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    thus employed he invented the art of percussion as applied

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    the conditions so far as our present purpose is concerned. In

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    and heavy and almost invariably with more or less displace

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    period. It appears probable from the facts collected on this

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    That inflammation though by no means essential is often oper

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    the co existence of a phthisical tendency. Diseases which in

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    digestion than even larger quantities of alcohol and Bikfalvi

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    of February and March would prove that a proportion of them had

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    more the lower ones are developed the greater the quantity of milk but

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    prevention of exacerbations by the adequate use of quinine in

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    letting is contra indicated at the commencement of the attack

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    That the operation will ultimately be successful all who

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    In directing medical treatment the physician is constantly

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    Parma one of llie most distinguished of the alumui of this

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    man is identical with man all internal and external causes

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    useful and their onlv value consists in their curious appearance.

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    fras is a popular emmenagogue. Mothers are in the habit of

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    the symptoms come on in the habitually dissipated after the

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    with very few exceptions markedly confluent and death took place

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    follow. In the opposite way viz. compressed air externally

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