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Here then is a direct evidence that horses were introduced from Gaul

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canal in an asthenic person who for some time previously had

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and hesitation in giving quinine in the remissions of fever with

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to historians than antiquarians. It was by such intense

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pulse was generally frequent and there were profuse nocturnal sweats. On admission

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The price asked seemed much and the bargain was not struck.

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mical nervous phenomena are essentially the result of stimuli

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aver very often observes how nature intercepts a phthisical

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Highland Cattle. The West Highland attle are an ancient breed and

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or combined pain was characteristic of only four. These cases also

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fron. thu iuU end and passmg out with the excrement craulanumd on the

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frosts occur. An unimprcgnated queen will lay eggs producing drones

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toneal coat to adjacent parts although the abscess be near the

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nineteen were improved and nine had received no benefit from

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ings. The lack of water supply has hitherto been a cause of

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year or the great Kentucky statesman Henry Clay imported

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diarrhoea may continue for two or three days then the discharges

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driven from the room in the old Pennsylvania Hospital while

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provided his personal examination and family history are

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lungs collapsed freely and their structure was healthy they showed no appearance

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them in recollection for it would be a serious error to treat head

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The respiration in the cardiac and mixed varieties has the

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