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over the left ventricle the right ventricle was somewhat dilated the left slightly

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my intention to enter into the discussion of this question.

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makes the following valuable practical remark Every man

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December a large proportion remained from the admissions

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cism and is satisfied with placing the patient in the circumstances

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and Napa soda water are of great repute and no doubt

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together in connection with good shelter and feeding is another. Th

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primary and one febrile and I have met with it in several other

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a considerable strain on the ligaments soon ending in knuckling over

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removed in Shaw street so that if the same difference of prac

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but that the amount differs considerably in the different stages of

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remittent fever in a sthenic European after the fashion which has

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continuously as possible and give tho following recipes

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thorn are very considerably diminished but not to the same extent as in

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which really seemed an epoch in the history of medicine I

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symptoms associated with increased vascularity and serous effusion

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Now let us consider the influence of the exercise of the power

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of tlio next one. btill there are some examinations made for soundness

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of the thinned and diseased tissues and recommended the early

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spirituous liquours habitually was not much reduced in flesh admitted into the

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from all parts of the world who desired to be cured of

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uneasiness below the right false ribs which gradually extended over the abdomen and

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In many sections every fanner is liable in the summer season to

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to those of your readers who have never visited this Coast.

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docarditis was not disproved. One is in the list of pericarditis and

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based. There is no statement of the length of his stay in the

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But perhaps the most significant advances were made

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would soon learn to judge the proper dose by sight.

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individual distresses of the greatest magnitude. Philosophers

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a constant draining from the wound. The treatment consisted of anodynes mineral

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tain eight incisors and present the appeumnce as in figure. The mouth

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were enlarged and reddened. The small intestine contained much thin yellow adhesive

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The results obtained by English were a metamorphosis of the

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dation of lymph is likely to be going on mercurial influence is

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applied. It may be freely used as a snuff in cases of syphilitic

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In extending civilization the horse has alwaj s occupied a place next to

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influence of mental anxiety ought also to be regarded and in

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use of irritants and thus to aggravate the fever. In this difficulty

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If it be true that prostration of vital actions and a deteriorated

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best climate is the one that gives the patient the most pleasant

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consisted of frothy mucus. Throughout this time there was little constitutional dis

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ease. The amount of expended time which it would add to

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sional abatement but no suspicion of serious organic disease was

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brought about a condition long yearned for by surgeons

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cause Nature abhors a vacuum. This being settled various

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hepatic abscess when undue importance is not attached to this

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naphthol in the treatment of eczema tetter psoriasis etc.

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caused it is believed by the contractile organisation of the lymp

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leges but it is very comforting to the general practitioner. The

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John Pitaid lias descended to lame not as a writer but

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vomiting and purging with some amount of spasm the countenance

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