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    gestion of the mucous lining. The other organs seemed healthy.

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    ing all over the world and whenever a friendly appreciative

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    Hill climates which past experience has enabled us to advance with

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    faction of the frontal and supra orbital folds sagging down

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    very favorable and it is the same in intubation. But there is

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    either to the science or to the literature of surgery. The

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    facts cannot be too carefully borne in mind for whatever the condition or

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    for the leather was taken as follows An ordinary well fitting

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    at F. but in an acid fluid this temperature instantly kills

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    influence the fimctions of the heart can permanently interfere

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    wth tan markings brown with tawny markings fallow red aiu gray.

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    were attributed to fist blows received in endeavouring to separate two individuals

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    one twentieth of a grain of atropia even by mouth. Please

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    The high atmospheric heat probably excites the cerebro spinal

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    horses of the most approved pedigree for tho distance whether it ho

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    In the illustrations on page tlw upper hfft hand tigure shows a

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    attention to the complaints of pregnant woinen when suffering

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    of lymph were deposited on the surfaces in the other twelve

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    this suggestion not only as regards congestive symptoms but

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    are corner teeth and those between the corner teeth and the nippers

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    reluctant in giving it in general surgical practice because of

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    the portio dura of the affected side remains intact.

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    coming irritable and distressed at his restless condition. I felt

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    small blisters mild alterative aperients and quinine in the re

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    At the International Health Bxhibition held in London. England the gold medal

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    How few farmers for instance think it necessary to have a sieve for

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    then puncture may be made with a small trocar in the manner

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    person was on deck. Even the gayest and most boisterous

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    Millard says Many cases that are not completely cured here

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    diseases acute affections of the eye and ear uncom

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    endanger life than the eliminatory action of the mercury effect

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    to be observed which prove fatal under very much the same train

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    istence is no longer doubtful and its still further progress has to

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    and relaxed and where she latterly experienced frequent attacks of dyspnoea. Much

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    admitted into the Bandora Dispensary near Bombay on the th May. There

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    calculated to solve. The fact is that natives do not readily

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    the sponge at any single time. In either event instead of giv

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    with bp.t does not altogether prevent the admission of air then

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    the wards. When labor apparently begins they go into one of

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    than usual and there exists an abnormal tendency to deposit of

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    accompanying a common cold or it may arise from the extension of thu

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    frequent dejections of ochreous red colour with intermixed sloughy shreds. On the

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    January and February the two coldest months the fourth on

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    periods of the universities developed very few names.

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    The admissions of natives with phthisis into the Jamsetjee

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    California will take place in the city of San Francisco Apnl

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    or lie dairy require to be selected with care. These have been fulTy

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    alcohol to twenty of water injected. This causes the veins to

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    Hence the absolute importance of broedi r y t th progeny.

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    empty. The paroxysms were attended with flatulence and a sense of burning and

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    mentation. About the beginning of this century Appert

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    which increased constantly in numbers. In Frederick

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    injurious to disgestion. must dispose to colic and so interfere wit lalu.

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