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some pre amithorhynchus state a dull sabaceous bud has

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strapsarefastened. you Lave him completely in youTpowI Let hf

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Several members subscribed liberally toward the fund to

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one thousand feet the atmosphere during the winter months is

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which the medical student is very apt to receive with the

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sive opiate and stimulant treatment the mortality from delirium

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animals and rarely produce more than one young at a birth C ttlo

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themselves with avidity to the study of the originals. At

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involved ill the inflammation loses its beautiful bluish lustre and be

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retired from tlie ranks of the profession Latin more and

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These data are not sufficient to justify a positive opinion

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is feet. The lower fort occupies a narrow table about a

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predominating colours. The posterior part of the left lung was cedematous but there

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from the commencement or in which the after symptoms indicated

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tissues the peripheral become organised into membrane.

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kind of constitution become the subjects of serious injuries.

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a great quantity lt gt f the intestines is protruded whatis called strangulated

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of the heart more clearly he one day applied a cylindrical

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line than the belly.. Projeetuig the brisket on a lower

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and brim full of interesting matter. We congratulate Dr.

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commenced before the usual evidence of the action of mercury had

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William Harrison Los Angeles St. Louis Medical College

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tenacious pus. At the parts corresponding to the puncture two small abscesses each

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sometimes characterised as small. It was jerking in nine cases

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From to the swine of the United States increased from

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or two from England. He bred them successfuUv distributed his bull.

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Affection Disease or disease of some particular part.

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relative to Guzerat the Deccan and Candeish on two very instructive and interesting

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has turned the brains of many men. Hence the word lunatic.

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natives is probably of easy explanation the former are usually

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effect of the inhalation of chloroform in relaxing the spasms and

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organs and the assimilating powers and nitro muriatic acid lotion

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Five cases proved fatal and five recovered. Of the former an

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the remission a larger quantity is often badly borne because the

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ment seems to me to require and on these points I shall somewhat

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times the congestion is present in unusual degree in particular

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would not have occurred. I have never witnessed this effect from

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should partial friction murmur or crepitus indicate that these

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in many of the adjacent villages. In July the canals were

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is composed of silk or other organic material it rapidly imbibes

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of dysentery importance was attached to conditions of the atmo

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In Bombay the mean temperature of the hot season is and

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dyspepsia without any reasonable cause for doing so.

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murmur. The mistake was the less excusable because the tendency to a scorbutic

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general cause of disease was the fall of man though there

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fever mouth hot respiration and pulse quick tenderness on pi essure

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First stage. By treating this stage with stimulants wine

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right ventricle. Under this head might also have been included a

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not have done all this t Yes even as he could have given

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paid in suits for malpractice the plaintiff to be put under

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