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in producing cardiac insufficiency is its deficiency in oxygen.

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this impression is correct as the name was then new to me and

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general way the form of the hmgs tlicir location consist

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dividual cases must vary according to what may be known of the

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of cases as Prof. Yandell with the same gratifying result.

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more influential on the predisposed from debility however in

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In these statements I have endeavoured to explain the prin

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quired into led thinking men into a most perplexing con

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tiate on a scientific basis. If the Newark children are to be

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pus corpuscle and a globule of mercury as to destroy the force of

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animal must be castrated by what is called the covered operation for

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is not merely an unimportant speculation because Firstly if

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they lead to the lungs. Inflammation of these branches and also of the

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and who bribed an Italian captain for fifteen hundred

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ephemeral and common continued fever such means as an emetic

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the disease and at the appropriate season change to a more tem

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mary pneumonia during the six years to which these remarks

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The calculi of herbivorous or grazing aninmls are composed mostly of the

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there may be no distinct adynamic phenomena the pulse is

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tioning developed the fact that he thought his child had

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into a pyogenic membrane is separated from the bone while a

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portal derangement. Both observation and theory justify the

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periodicity it may indeed be distinctly remittent. f

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and he had never met with fracture or luxation of the ver

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widely yet odd as it may seem there is good reason for this.

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the sick and the stage of the disease when submitted to treatment

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sense of relief and after a few more inhalations the more for

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kindness of Dr. Stovell when surgeon of the European Greneral

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been candidly advised and care has been taken to distinguish between

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Drenching bottle. This is now generally used instead of the old time

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also to the chronic form.. In the treatment of cutaneous

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have charge of all books manuscripts plates and charts be

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tionary a sense of uneasiness across the chest was frequently complained of attended

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question settled it was admitted to tl.e Engrush standard Birds were

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ted into the Jamsetjee Jejeebhoy Hospital the proportion of cases

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All our best Surgical pathologists acknowledge this ulcera

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The latter name is the most appropriate as there is no albuminous urine

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for use in the treatment of burns in the belief that it cUminishcs

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and the temperature of the water. Sometimes five grms. of

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the kindliness Of tho dimato u.uj the natural abuMclancc of the pastures

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familiarity with the natural presentation and its attendant phenomena is

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examination below the margin of the right ribs. There the edge

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been exempt from cholera with the exception of an occasional

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required when there is sufficient time when there is an exhausted

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the free surface and into the interstices of the membrane. Impli

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his ruin. One of his disciples says of Itim tliat during the

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worm encysted between the right lung and the pericardium. Shaik Hussain Adam

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clinical lectures on female diseases. Some of this class of

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