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He is a pleasant looking middle aged man with a Gkirfield

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the patient becomes rapidly comatose and moribund. The ob

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This is an attractive journal gotten up in an original style

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the local topography a cool current comes down upon the shore

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of tlie present day determnied by the most complete

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Conlusion X bruise a wound made by a blow or brui.e

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and fever grow more intense the animal nmk the colic pains

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places by the thermometer. The mercury now seldom reaches

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completely filling the pupil. This is cataract of which there are two

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to be erroneous as owing to the coolness of the evening and


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India makes it necessary that we should be careful not to mistake

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this particular instance however it was to the Rev. Cotton

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occasional but rare. Dr. Taylor expresses himself with more


when necessary. The ice house sliould be plastered with water lime and

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repeated venesection and its injurious tendency was very ap

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attended with increased dulness on percussion. Or the signs may

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after death cavities were believed to have been present in conse

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Opportunities of studying the post mortem appearances of the

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This Society was organized in the office of Drs. Griffin and

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used with xmsatisfactory results. Perhaps the most reliable

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necessary by two or three drachms each of castor and turpentine

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