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animals and rarely produce more than one young at a birth C ttlo

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natives in paragraphs is striking. Still the proportion of those who have

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has continued for some time the hepatic cells become destroyed

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cautions to be observed while using them but will say do not

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others. Thus tho young bee keeper may readily distinguish each variety

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displaced downwards and towards the right side. Firm adhesions connected parts of

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known and the foundation sunk as rapidly as they built it.

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case of typhoid fever of a girl age years who was taken sick

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ec c.ttie hat combines so many good qualities except the Herefords

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articulation and disarticulation performed. The duct of Steno

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protected and unprotected in cantonment military bazaars is quite inadequate for the

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effused beneath the arachnoid membrane and there were between two and three

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well spread and the space between the hips well filled up The tail

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combine two drachms of sulphate of magnesia with the first and

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United States and Canada for the generous treatment they

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Patchen Boy by Godfrey s Patchen dam Lady Hooper by Defiance

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albuminous character and low density have been well marked. It

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of metals and seeker ibr the philosopher s stone. Born

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the ileum distended from thin feculence. John Smith aged sixteen admitted on the

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drium. As she was reduced to a mere shadow by the attacks

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Theodore Koeberle Los Angeles Medical College of Georgia

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That this evil has really existed is very evident from the fol

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He was treated with stimulants ammonia and arrack. The body was examined two

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he absence of proper instruments an artery can be taken up w fi

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gated by opium whilst secretion is favoured by calomel ipecacuanha

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necessary to their formation around this nucleus the salts crystallize in

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Ireland from which recruits for the army are drawn vaccination is also imperfectly

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that the Bael fruit lately again favourably reported of in Bengal

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the heart and nervous system. In remittent fever when this state

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remission or when this is not well marked at the periods when the

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gard to the exclusive light in which they viewed the symptom.

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lower fungi in the production of fermentation and puti

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following paragraph is taken the report being in the nature I

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cisco is located. It is connected with Los Angeles by rail.

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and tension good j cornea improving and has cleared peripher

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prospect of benefit. In regard to the general abstraction of blood

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which to compare these results. But the impression on my mind

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upon the rams the horns should be clear in color symmetri

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of the nerves were brought into apposition one end of the

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time very common. After being inserted they were held

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Dyspepsia. Dyspeptic persons are almost invariably relieved

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inflammation of the membranes or substance of the brain.

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What we have previously written under this head we have since seei

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of its continuous conveyance of the noxious material from

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the use of mercury in the treatment of hepatic abscess.

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is sandy dry and bare and where the drying that essential

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carbolic acid in water but never fail to quiet the stomach with

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ing reports addressed to the Medical and Physical Society of Bom

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sloughy appearance. He by degrees however improved and was discharged well on

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