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each variety are blended and well marked in every individual

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order twenty grains of bicarbonate of potassium to be taken

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take up more than its own weight of water. Dieterich with a

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mentioned leprosy many varieties of skin diseases cataract

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had proved inapplicable to the disease in the same body of men at

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be employed as circumstances require viz. protective vaccin

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irritable.. At the evening visit the fomentations were continued and calomel six

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many letters of thanks for the information encouraging words

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always be insusceptible of proof except in a very limited degree.

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suddenly fell down insensible. On becoming conscious he found the left extremities

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nance of life all other parts of the brain and spinal cord

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to restore injured structures by nutrition not to overtask the

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two minims in capsules dispensed according to Tanret s

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Inspection twelve hours after death. The tissues were tinged deeply yellow. The

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by councils and popes many of tliese cathedral schools

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of the University of the City of New York N. Y. February

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of Philadelphia and endowed a lectureship there J. K.

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corpuscles was met with even in cases of long standing.

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fattening ration to each pounds weight of steei s fed.

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watch in marking seconds a Salernian practitioner utilized

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elevated temperature is a necessary condition and another is that

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This is inflammation of the skin. It may be superficial and only

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let an assistant pull while the main operator raises the withers of thi

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manipulation of gold within the mouth while your dean

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spaces. The sputa at times was fetid generally scantily muco

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observed these symptoms two months before he came under observation and they

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alcohol. It has already been shown p. that of ninety fatal

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moderate quantity for varying periods and if the constitution


reaching the pus but when once emptied it heals very readily.

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only a groove in the bone which conveys branches of the

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and fatal septicfiemia. By stretching in preference to cutting

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symptoms appear to be referable rather to the inflammatory

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given proportion of the hypertrophied muscle j and after that

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been changing from hazy to an ulcerated condition sloughed

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organ and in that kind of constitution in which suppuration is

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What to do. Give half an ounce of castor oil with a tablespooutui

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we compare this statement with that of our inability to stop the

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has been efl ectually relieved by blood letting. Let us admit then

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lated the known world of ono fourtli of its inhabitants

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sm.lar m effct to rupture of the muscles but is more extended

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lacerated cervix and hemorrhoids. To morrow morning I go

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there was constant incoherent low muttering the pupils were very

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the Bombay Presidency phthisis was the cause of death in eight.

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v ir gt who want a better name is soiuctimes confounded wit

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