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is frequently employed. Temperature of the water should be

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creased. On the th four days after attendance and after

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which he after the example of Paracelsus recommended

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in fifteen of the twenty four fatal cases of primary pneumonia and

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turer of Infants Food. It Is also very pleasant to the taste.

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blark The hens to match these cocks should have their nerks.d a rle.r

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of the countenance which he correctly thinks is often the earliest

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ulated by Mead. The practice was then more or less

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others followed the same course too many in fact to be

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and although frequently occurring to the practitioner it has

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Roscoe and Woodburn P.lot h vo o. n eritorious but they ar


mon in the predisposing and exciting causes of dysentery and

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and phthisis in their second stages than would exist under the generally received

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is too poor to travel as far as Southern California. Our East

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doctrines will be found to pervade the more desultory observations

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He first made a linear incision about four inches long reach

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be explained in its appropriate place should be applied with due re

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which are on file in the druggist s record book prescriptions

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Professor Dr. Winckle of Munich and the members of the

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dement of the country allowed the Shortz Horns were every where intro

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be largely composed of conjecture neither valuable as history nor inter

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and the trachea and bronchi put on a straight line. If there

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formidable. It has been estimated tliat in the fifteeutli

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the umbilicus and ascending to midway between it and the ensiform cartilage there

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the following case is given by the Country Gentleman

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was also sharpish six were of pericarditis three of endocarditis

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